Add-on: Analysis

Add our Data Analysis bundle to get access to advanced Audience Manager to build sophisticated audiences and additional reports to dive deeper into consumer analytics.

Specifically, with this feature you can quickly and effortlessly combine filter options of user profiles, social relationships and user activities to create highly personalised audiences which improve the relevancy and performance of your Twitter Ads . The more refined the targeting of your audience is, the more relevant your campaign will be and the more likely you are to generate leads.

Using this bundle will give you the chance to explore our Intersection Reports that help you to find meaningful intersections and understand the relationships between audiences, to gain the intelligence you need to focus on specific target audiences. See how effective the social strategy of each is and see which accounts from similar market sectors have a similar number of users and which have a high number of exclusive users.

In addition, the Affinity Report provides a visual way to better understand your audience’s interests and so make more informed decisions about future content which will resonate with and engage this audience. Run an Affinity Report to see who the audience follow most and least on Twitter, what their interests are, and what TV Genres and TV shows they watch.