Add-on: Chatbots

After Twitter decided to ban DM Campaigns, getting user consent to receive mass communications from a Twitter handle is a mandatory step. Once users have opted-in, Twitter account owners can broadcast DMs at scale.

Chatbots allow having conversational experiences that companies create to answer common questions from customers. This alleviates the workload of support teams and reduces the time to get an answer from customers, which translates in an increase of customer satisfaction.

The next step on the Twitter Chatbots evolution are “News delivery chatbots”. These chatbots are specially designed for organizations that deliver constant updates to a wide audience. They allow creating a series of topics of interests users can subscribe to to receive updates or news based on their interests. These topics support both manual delivery of DM broadcasts and RSS, for advanced automated delivery.

These chatbots are specially suited for news organizations (such as magazines or newspapers) but can also be adopted by other organizations that have a constant flow of “categorized” updates.