BTTT – Schedule with Buffer

Audiense generates the BTTT report to discover the optimum time to Tweet to reach the maximum number of users of a community. With this information, we’ve implemented an algorithm that can export your optimal Tweet schedule to Buffer for optimum Tweet exposure.

1. Select Best Time to Tweet from the analytics drop-down menu on the top menu bar.

2. The BTTT reports screen opens. Each report you have previously generated is represented by a panel.

3. Either click get my report now to see the default report or click view report to see a custom report and scroll down to the heat map.

In the bottom right of the when is the community online? panel there are two buttons:

  • Export Hootsuite schedule
  • Config Buffer schedule

4. Click Config Buffer schedule to open the Buffer schedule editor.

You will need to connect to Buffer to authorise Audiense and/or sign in to Buffer.


  • The days of the week you want to Tweet.
  • The number of  Tweets per day.
  • The minimum interval between Tweets.

Click save settings and Audiense will automatically configure the optimal times for your Tweets. You will see in your Buffer settings the times selected through Audiense.

We recommend you reconfigure Buffer with the Best Time to Tweet on a weekly basis as user behaviour changes and communities are not static.