Community Management – Overview

After adding sources or creating audiences of interest using the target tools and refining the users on the community wall with the search/filter sidebar and calendar filter functions you can then organiseclassify and engage with these users.

There are three principal ways to manage, either individually or on a multiple basis, the members of a community:

1. Using the follow/unfollowlist and more buttons on each individual user card of the community wall.

2. Using the actions on the emerging user details sidebar when you click the username on a user card.

3. Using the follow mode button and the selected and all criteria drop-up menus on the community bottom bar.


Community management options


[1] You can add to an existing list, remove from an existing list and create a new list.

[2] You can add to a an existing list and remove from an existing list.

[3] You can add to an existing list and create a new list.

[4] This option only available when viewing a source audience.