What happens now the Content tab has been updated?

What happens with the old content tabs I have in other reports?

  • If the report was created before the new content tab release date, the report will have the old content tab. However, the function to update the tab will be disabled. Instead, a new report will need to be created, which will include the new content tab. 
  • If the report was created after the release date of the new content tab, the report will have the new content tab

What happens when I add an additional segment?

  • If the report has the older version of the content tab, your extra segment will not show any content information.
  • If the report uses the new version of the content tab, content insights will be generated for the extra segments and will match the original dates used for the full audience and default segments. If we no longer have data stored for that time period, we will advise you to request an update within the platform on the content tab page. This update will use data from the last 30 days.

Old content tab sunset notice

  • In January 2022, we will be removing the old version of the content tab. After removal, old versions of the content tab won’t be displayed any more. If you have any concerns about this, please get in touch at product@audiense.com