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Step 1: Create your Target Audience


Creating an audience is always the first thing you will need to do and that is exactly what you would learn in this section. You have to define and create the audience you would like to run your report on in order to analyse and understand the individuals. This audience can be as general or niche as you need, from the UK female population to the millennials who like Stranger Things in London/CMOs in Madrid.

Let’s get started by clicking on create new report in the top right hand corner.

You will be asked what report you’d like to create; an Audiense intelligence report, OR Audiense Influencer report.

Select Audiense Intelligence report.  

Give your report a cool (memorable) name! And select next step.

You will then have the option to create your audience through the Basic Audience Insights Manager or Advanced Audience Insights Manager . We recommend you use the Advanced Audience Insights Manager .

Please select the Advanced Audience Manager. In order to do that, you will have to select 'Switch to the Advanced Audience Manager' at the bottom of the basic audience insights manager page.

Name your audience (if you are a legacy connect customer you can add a pre-created audience).

At this point, you will have to define your target audience using the different filters available in Audiense, organised in 9 different categories.

To Select a filter click plus button and create the perfect audience for you. The filters include:

  • Age
  • Biography 
  • Entity Type
  • Followers
  • Gender 
  • Job Title 
  • Language 
  • Location

Want to understand these filters in more details… read more here

Example: If you wanted to find USA or UK male millennial who like the vikings football team, you would use the following:

  • Location = United States of America and UK
  • Gender = Male
  • Age =  select: 13-17, 18-24, 25-34
  • Followers = @Vikings

Remember, you are able to use the OR or AND to apply additional features. For example:

  • Finding people based in the USA OR The United Kingdom
  • Finding people based in USA AND The United Kingdom

In the same way, you can exclude people that meet a certain criteria. For instance, people who describe themselves as sport journalists.

Click 'Apply' every time you add a new filter.

When you have correctly identified your audience criteria then select Next Step in the top right hand corner and you will be asked if you’d like to launch your report… You’ve got this far, go ahead and launch your report ;)

Please bear in mind that the minimum audience size to create an Insights report is 600 members. If your audience is too small check if the criteria you have selected is too specific and try to remove/edit some of the criteria.