Top Menu Bar

The top menu bar is always visible and is the main navigation area for accessing the different tools and functions within Audiense. It has the following elements (from left to right):

This is always visible



Home – This button takes you to your homepage where you can manage accounts and sources. The Audiense icon to the left also takes you to the homepage.

Audiences – Create a new target audience with the Audience Manager,  Discover new twitter users, explore your community or Add a Source.

Analytics-   This includes the monitoring feature for social listening, reporting and other tool created to help you analyse both your own and third party communities.

Engagement –  Here turn your audience creations and analytics into actions with Automatic actions (rule builder) or Twitter Ads


  • Audience Manager – Combine filter options to create personalised audience lists and improve the relevancy and performance of your Twitter Ads and DM campaigns.
  • Discover New Twitter Users – Search all Twitter using filters to find potential customers to target and engage with.
  • Source: Twitter Account – Add as a source and analyse a competitor’s account to compare it with your account and gain insights.
  • Source: Your Twitter Lists – Add as a source and analyse your own Twitter list and compare its members with your account.
  • Source: Other Twitter Lists – Add as a source and analyse any public Twitter list and compare its members with your account.
  • Source: Text File – Add as a source and analyse and engage with, for example a list of attendees of an event such as a congress, meeting, conference, workshop, etc.
  • Source: Convert Emails Into Profiles – Import your email contacts into Audiense and automatically pair these addresses with their corresponding Twitter user names.
  • Source: Discover Retweeters – Add a Tweet as a source and identify and engage with the users behind the Retweets.


  • Monitoring –  Reports of both historical and real time monitoring of keywords/hashtags
  • Reports – Reports full of valuable insights.
  • Community Insights – View detailed statistics about a community.
  • Best Time to Tweet – Analyse the timelines of followers and generate a report showing you a heat map of when you should Tweet to reach the maximum number of followers.
  • Tweet Analytics – Analyse the impact of the content you post and see how successful each Tweet you send has been in terms of Retweets, replies and likes.
  • Real-Time Analytics – See the real-time state of your community and identify users who are online at that moment and interact with them.
  • Account Comparison – Compare up to three of your source accounts on the same graph.
  • Benchmark – Benchmark your performance by comparing the growth of your account with your industry peers (Twitter accounts of a similar age, size and industry to your own).
  • Followers Retention/Churn – Monitor the success of campaigns seeing how many users follow you each week and how many remain, unfollow you and engage with you in the following weeks.



  • Mention Helper – Mention multiple users in a single Tweet.
  • Best Time to Tweet – Analyse the timelines of followers and generate a report showing you a heat map of when you should Tweet to reach the maximum number of followers.
  • Latest Interactions – Visualise your latest interactions, the Tweets of those who have mentioned you (incoming) and those you have mentioned (outgoing).
  • Rule Builder – Automate your Twitter actions based on predefined rules to increase responsiveness and free up valuable time.
  • Twitter Ads – Create ultra-targeted Twitter Ads campaigns that reach sophisticated audiences based on personality, behaviour, interests and social graph.


Help – Click the help icon to link to our user guide, blog, or video channel. Click feedback to open a tab where you can make suggestions about improving Audiense. Click the contact support button to open an in-app sidebar where you can write your message.


Notifications – Click the bell icon to see a list of your notifications, such as when a source is synchronised or a report has been generated.


Settings – Click the cogwheel icon to open the settings menu where there are various clickable areas. You can close sessionin the bottom right of the panel.

This allows you to manage:

  • General settings. Control the basic settings of Audiense, e.g. page size, default view, language, actions confirmation.
  • My account. Control your personal information and change your password.
  • Security. Enable security features such as two-factor authentication.
  • Payment Plan. Make alterations to your Audiense plan and view your invoices.
  • Notifications. Control which accounts and sources you wish to receive email notifications for.
  • Services. Connect and integrate your Audiense accounts with third-party services such as, Bitly, Google Analytics, Nimble.
  • Teams. Manage your collaboration teams. Control who in your organisation has access to the accounts you have added and what actions they can perform with these accounts.