How can I create a user tracker?

The Twitter User Tracker will start collecting data from the moment the tracker is created. The stats are updated each hour. To create a new tracker, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “New Tracker” button placed in the list of trackers.
  2. Type the Twitter handle of the users that are going to be tracked. If more than one tracker is needed, they have to be separated by commas “,”. There is no need to add the “@” before each handle. You can also click on “add” after typing each handle.
  3. Click on Add tracker. They will automatically appear below.
  4. If you need to delete a tracker, you can just click on the upper right “x”.
  5. Select the Tag you want to include the trackers in. If the tag does not exist, it can be created from the “new tag” button. 
  6. Click on save changes and the trackers will be up and running.