Is Tweet Binder Twitter-compliant?

Twitter has very clear guidelines on how to download data (tweets). Tweet Binder is 100% Twitter compliant and always respects the rules issued by Twitter for this type of case. If you want to download tweets, the best thing is to contact Twitter directly. With Tweet Binder you will be able to download all the statistics and metrics that we generate and, in some cases, data that comes from Twitter, but only in some cases. These are:

  • You can download 1,5M tweet ids per month from Tweet Binder’s API along with the stats that generate. You will need to get a Twitter pro subscription and rehydrate those tweet ids in order to get the text, user, etc.
  • You can download 50,000 tweets per day manually from Tweet Binder. You have to do this process manually, that is the maximum requirement. You can click on “download” in Tweet Binder to get those 50,000 tweets from your report. But you will never be able to get more than that.

Basically, if you want to download a large amount of Twitter data, contact Twitter directly.