How is the sentiment score calculated?

Every Tweet Binder report gives the sentiment score metric. This figure tells us how positive or how negative our report has been. To calculate the sentiment score we take into consideration the impressions generated by every user. We consider that it is “more positive” to have more users tweeting good comments about your campaign than having just one. It is better to have 500 positive tweets sent by 100 users than 500 tweets sent by just one user. The first option shows that a lot of people think that the analyzed hashtag is great. Whereas the second option might just be a spammer.

The same thing happens with negative tweets. Having 500 negative tweets sent by 500 users is something bad because tons of users are involved. Whereas having 20 users sending 500 negative tweets about your campaign is not that bad because it might just be someone trying to undermine your campaign.

We have to add here the impressions each user generates. A positive tweet sent by someone with 20 followers has little impact, whereas a positive tweet sent by a user with 30,000 followers has a huge impact.

Reports can be classified into five different types depending on their sentiment score:

From 0 to 20 points: Very negative report

Out of 21 to 40 points: A negative report

From 41 to 60 points: Neutral report

Starting from 61 to 80 points: Positive report

From 81 to 100 points: Very positive reports


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