Audience Intelligence: Commercial Offering

Commercial Model and Plans

Products included in your plan:

The Audience Intelligence Plan includes two products: Audiense Insights and Audiense Connect, as well as support services (onboarding & training). For more information about our products and their features, check out the following link:

Plan allowance:

  • Insights Reports: Your report allowance depends on the Subscription Term (Commitment) you have signed up for:
  1. For monthly-rolling subscriptions, the base plan includes 5 reports per calendar month. The unused reports do not roll over to the following month.
  2. For annual subscriptions, the base plan includes 60 reports per year, which can be used as you wish during the year. Any unused reports at the end of the term will be rolled over to the following term. 
  • Social Accounts: the base plan includes 1 social account (first-party account) and 1 chatbot to be associated with that account.
  • Users/ Seats: unlimited. You have no limitation on how many team members/ users you can add.


  • Insights Reports: if you consume the reports included in your subscription, you can always purchase more. Depending on the volume of reports you are looking to buy, the price per report will decrease.
  • Social Accounts: you can also add as many first-party accounts as you need to your account.

Billing Cycles and invoicing alternatives

Depending on the Subscription Term (commitment), there are different invoicing options.

  • If the commitment is monthly-rolling, the only billing cycle available is monthly upfront.
  • If the commitment is annual, we have a variety of billing cycles available:
    1. Annual Upfront
    2. Quarterly Upfront
    3. Monthly Upfront

Please note that the Quarterly and Monthly options could slightly increase the Subscription price. 

Payment Types

In line with the invoicing alternatives, the Payment Types available also depend on the Subscription Term (Commitment).

  • If the commitment is monthly-rolling: 
    1. Credit/ Debit Card
    2. Paypal
  • If the commitment is annual, we have a variety of options available:
    1. Credit/ Debit Card
    2. Paypal
    3. Wire Transfers
    4. Direct Debits (only available in the United Kingdom)

If you require an alternative payment method or invoicing option, please contact us at


Please visit our pricing page for more details.