Audiences – Overview

Use the target tools to create audiencesdiscover new users and add sources.

Click target on the top menu bar to open the drop-down menu.


Click the links or images below to see more details about individual target tools.

  • Audience Manager – Quickly and effortlessly combine filter options of user profiles to create an audience of existing or prospective customers to target with highly relevant and personalised Twitter Ads.
  • Discover new Twitter users – Open the search/filter sidebar and search all of Twitter, a database of more than 315 million active users, to discover potential customers, businesses to collaborate with, etc.

Add Sources

  • Twitter account – Add a third-party Twitter account as a source. Ideal to monitor a competitor or client account.
  • Your Twitter lists – Add any of your own private lists to add its members as a source.
  • Other Twitter lists – Add any public list available on Twitter to add its members as a source.
  • Text file – Create a source of users you have imported from a text file.
  • Convert emails into profiles – Add as a source those users you paired from imported email contacts.
  • Discover Retweeters – Add users who have Retweeted a Tweet (your Tweet or a third party’s) as a source.