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Audiense + Pulsar Integration

At Audiense we believe, actionable insights are one thing, but insights that instigate action are another thing entirely. That’s especially true in digital marketing, where the sheer number of products used by brands and agencies often gets in the way of campaign execution.

With this integration, we are building the best-in-class insights-to-activation solution that includes:

  1. Audience insights,
  2. Conversation insights,
  3. Owned channel analytics, and
  4. Media activation.

It works end-to-end bringing the best in conversation insights (Pulsar TRAC) and the best in audience segmentation (Audiense Insights).


Two-ways integration. It is now possible to send audiences from Audiense Insights directly to Pulsar, and request Audiense reports from Pulsar, with just a click of a button

Our customers are now able to do an audience monitoring on Pulsar to know even more about what that audience members are talking about etc. or analyse a Pulsar audience on Audiense Insights.

They are excellent at audience monitoring, and we are excellent at audience identification and segmentation, so this puts us in a very strategic position in the market.

Taking audiences from Pulsar and understand the people behind the conversation


Taking segments from pulsar and understand what they are talking about


Understand the Report: Summary

The summary view simply shows the key insight for your full audience, from:

A: demographic summary; B: Brands they love; C:audience breakdown; D:how they describe themself; E: who they are influenced by; F: They love content from.



Understand the Report: Audience Breakdown

Audience Breakdown shows detailed insights about your unique segments based on the demographics and interests.


Understand the Report: Segments

Segments section provides a panel for each of the segments identified within the audience. Each panel highlights what is unique to that segment in comparison to the rest of the segments and the full audience.


Understand the Report: Benchmark

Benchmarks shows your audience characteristcs against a global baseline. This comparison allows you to understand what is unique to this segment/audience.


Understand the Report: Insights

Demographic tab shows you a number of different demographic insights compared to the baseline. The graphs you we will see around demographics are the following: gender, country, city, language, bio, age, name.


Understand the Report: Insights

Socioeconomics tab gives an overview about audience’s education level, job industry, relationship & family status.


Understand the Report: Insights

Interests tab shows the main interests within the audience. This percentage is derived from a Twitter algorithm based on who the users follow, the content they tweet and engage with and bio information.


Understand the Report: Insights

Content tab shows the most relevant content (based on shares), the most unique and used keywords and the most relevant form of content your audience has an interest in.



Understand the Report: Insights

Personality tab sum up the audience’s personality, needs and values. Like the other insights tab our personalities are compared against a baseline which you are able to change.



Understand the Report: Insights

Buying Mindset tab helps to discover the purchasing influence factors, consumer behaviour and online habits of your audience.


Understand the Report: Insights

Online habits tab helps to find out what devices are used by the audience the most, the relevance of each social network, type of content published by your audience or even days and times the users within an audience are more active on social networks.