Limited version of Audiense Insights

In this article you will be able to see the limitations of the free version of Audiense Insights. To have full access you must have the Audience Marketing Plan. Users who have the free version of Audiense Insights are those who have the Free Plan or the Twitter Marketing Plan: 

Check article about Audiense Products & Plans.

Main limitations:

- User with Free plan or Twitter Marketing plan can only create three sample insights report per month. 

- The report is based on a sample audience of 10,000 members:

- The report is limited to generating only three segments:

- In the Influencers Tab we only show the 15 top influencers, and the filters and custom rankings features are unavailable:

- In the Media Affinity tab, under Social Media & Display Ads, and within the Actions menu, the ability to download targeting packs is unavailable.