Macro and Micro Influencers

Want to know the difference between macro and micro influencers and when to use them. See below:


We define Micro and Macro influencers by their potential reach.

Macro influencers:

A Macro Influencer will have a follower base higher than 100K: This is the celebrity type. Usually, they have more than 1M followers/fans and a huge Follower/Following ratio (> 10). They don’t necessarily share things as much, but if they do they can create a viral tsunami.

  • These are high profile people, often celebrities with a widespread reach
    • Example: Michael Jordan and Nike
  • Major industry figures and celebrities have spearheaded iconic advertising campaigns. These associations can drive sales long-term however this comes at a high price in cost as well as the risk that the delivery of the message (or the message itself) may fail to connect.
  • Valuable because: This emphasises the importance of researching your potential influencers’ audiences to identify who is engaging with them, and if your audience has a significant crossover with who you want to be targeting.

Micro influencers:

Micro Influencers are usually authorities on specific topics, with an affinity that is unique to their niche. Depending on the use case, these influencers tend to have an audience in the range of 5,000-200,000 followers, although this may vary. 

  • Often less followers, these people are usually more specific to an industry (they could be industry experts)
    • Example: PUMA used popular and socially active local runners in their #IGNITEYourCity campaign. The chosen influencers recorded engagement rates 24x higher with their campaign Tweets than PUMA’s core accounts.
  • Valuable because despite not being celebrities, these individuals have a significant following and resonance with the audience you wish to target. This enables them to bring your brand into the conversation at a level that’s personally connected to a lot of people in the audience, which a celebrity or a brand account may be unable to do.