Media Affinity Tab of Insights Reports

The Media Affinity tab provides the most relevant insights that apply to offline and online channels. It shows the % of users within an audience that follow particular media accounts (affinity), sorted by uniqueness from left to right (most relevant to this audience when compared to the baseline). This tab includes the following channels:

Offline activation channels

Offline activation refers to the tactics applied to offline media channels. Audiense can detect and recommend using certain offline channels based on the affinities and online behavior of the audiences you analyze.

  • TV – Optimise engagement with your audience by advertising on specific channels and during shows that the audience is passionate about.
  • Radio – Accurately advertise on the station or show that best matches your audience’s lifestyle and interests
  • Newspapers – Target your audience through the publications your audience has the most affinity to
  • Magazines – Target your audience through the magazines your audience has the most affinity to
  • Events – You are able to understand which events your audience attends or frequently views on TV. Events may include sports events, concerts, awards ceremonies, conferences, etc.
  • Places – Identify specific places which are important to and frequently visited by your target audiences, such as shops, museums, restaurants, airports, and sports centers. 

Note: Users on a Free plan or a Twitter Marketing plan will only be able to see the top 8 panels for each channel. 

Online activation channels



Paid activation

  • Social Media & Display Ads

Social media ads can help you reach new audiences, or re-engage your current audience. They’re incredibly powerful, and when used in the right way (via targeted audiences as we help you to do), it is the best way to ensure ROI.

Choose the most appropriate platform for your business and use Audiense insights to effectively target the right audience based on demographics, interests, and behavior; track conversions and create a presence online.

Targeting Pack – Audiense provides you with the segmented and unique affinities of your target audience or segment so that you can easily add them to advertising platforms. This is particularly tailored for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Ads campaigns. 

Twitter Tailored Audiences – When you click on Create a Twitter Tailored Audience, it sends your audience (individual segments or the full audience) to Audiense Connect. From there, you can easily sync them with Twitter Ads, if you have authenticated your account, so to directly target and build lookalikes for your campaigns.

DSP Integration – The combination of Fifty + Audiense allows pushing advertising directly to addressable audiences. DSPs include but are not limited to The Trade Desk, Google DV 360 and Avocet.


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  • Web & Digital Content – Understand the blogs, digital magazines, and niche websites your audience has an interest in. 
  • Online shows:  You are able to understand which Online shows your audience likes, this could include streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Video
  • Apps: In-app advertising is becoming more and more popular. Here you are able to understand  what apps are attractive to your audience

Note: Users on a Free plan or a Twitter Marketing plan will find the Targeting Pack to be unavailable. Users on these two plans will only be able to see the top 4 panels for Web & Digital Content, and the top 8 panels for Online shows, and Apps.