Merging segments in your Insights reports

What does it mean to merge segments?

Merging audience segments takes two or more segments as input and replaces them with a single segment, which will be the sum of the selected segments.

Why merge segments?

Merging segments can help you gain the flexibility to change the narrative of an audience and reduce redundancy (e.g. Jazz + Pop segments = Music segment). 

Example use case:

A Customer Insights team wants to share data with a Media team to action, and wants to emphasize a different audience breakout. By merging segments, they are able to efficiently combine and manage the segments to enhance their data analysis capabilities.

How to merge segments inside an Insights report

Follow this interactive how-to demo, or see the steps defined below.


When inside your Insights report, head over to the Audience breakdown view, which is where you can see all your segment summaries and visual graph in more detail.



>Trigger this merge action from any segment card via the actions drop-down menu.


1. Choose your segments

  • Combine any number of segments together (more than one)


  • Note that the resulting segment cannot have more than 250,000 members
  • If additional segments are available in your report, you can merge them as well
    • If you have more segments available, you will see this in the Audience breakdown, segment cards layout.
    • You would need to generate this action before they become available in the above selection.


2. Name your merged segment 

  • Name your segment 
  • You can edit the name and even change the colour on the Audience Breakdown page at any time if you decide to change it.


3. Generation of merged segments

  • The expected duration of the merging process is approximately 15 minutes or less.


  • You will see the progress of your segments being merged in the user interface (UI).


  • You can still perform other actions while the merge is in progress.
  • Note, that you will be notified in-app when the action has been completed (small pop-up and bell notification).
  • Refresh your browser to check, if you don't see any messages whilst doing other work.

4. Merge completed - what to expect

  • You will receive an in-app notification confirming the merge and can also check your notification bell, (top-right-hand corner, if you miss the message).


  • The merged segment will appear in the right position in your segment list, based on its size (biggest first).


  • The new merged segment will be available for use.
  • The graph visualization will be updated to include the merged segment.


  • Your dashboard will automatically refresh to reflect the changes.


  • You will also have the ability to merge an already merged segment if needed.
  • Note, the old segments that were merged will disappear from your segment list and will no longer be available as baselines for future actions

5. Ability to reset the merge segment actions

  • If you want to undo the merge action, please note that this will apply to all merged segments, as you cannot undo one merge at a time.
  • You can find the revert merge button in the main audience actions menu at the top of the audience breakdown page, or in the main report summary.



  • When reverting a merge, this will revert to the original report condition, and it's very quick to update.

If you have any questions or need support from our team, you can email