Twitter Marketing: Commercial Offering

Commercial Model and Plans

Products included in your plan:

The Twitter Marketing Plan includes our Connect product. For more information about the products, please check out the following links:

Plan allowance:

  • Social Accounts: the base plan includes 1 social account (first-party account) and 1 chatbot to be associated with that account.
  • Users/ Seats:  unlimited. You have no limitation on how many team members/ users you can add.


  • Social Accounts: you can also add as many first-party accounts as you need to your account.

Billing Cycles

Depending on the Subscription Term (commitment), there are different invoicing options.

  • If the commitment is monthly-rolling, the only billing cycle available is monthly upfront.
  • If the commitment is annual, we have a variety of options available:
  1. Annual Upfront.
  2. Monthly Upfront.

Please note that the Monthly option could slightly increase the Subscription price. 

Payment Types

The Payment Types available for the Twitter Marketing Plans are the following:

  1. Credit/ Debit Card
  2. Paypal

Please view our Pricing page here.

If you require an alternative payment method, invoicing option or simply need help, please contact us at