Whitelist and Blacklist

Whitelist and Blacklist users to improve control of user following and unfollowing. Add users to a whitelist to prevent accidental unfollowing and add users to a blacklist to prevent accidental following.


After carefully choosing the right people to follow to build a high-quality community you don’t want to damage any relationship by accidentally unfollowing users. Protect important users against accidental unfollowing by adding them to a whitelist.

Users you have whitelisted show a small icon of a green person below the checkbox in the top right corner of the user card.

The unfollow button, which is usually visible on the user card when you mouseover it, is disabled and not visible.

In follow mode whitelisted users are highlighted in red. Even if you click a whitelisted user card it is impossible to unfollow.

Who to whitelist?

Use the widgetssearch/filter sidebarcalendartagsnotes, the criteria drop-down menu on the breadcrumb bar, etc., to find:

  • Influential people you are following
  • Clients and customers
  • Conference attendees
  • Thought leaders
  • Close friends
  • Celebrities of interest




After unfollowing users to help clean your community, remove spammers, etc., you don’t want to risk accidentally following them again in the future. Prevent accidental following of these unimportant users by adding them to a blacklist.

Users you have blacklisted show a small icon of a purple skull below the checkbox in the top right corner of the user card.

The follow button, which is visible on the user card when you mouseover it, is enabled and still visible. You can click to follow but you will need to confirm the follow.

In follow mode blacklisted users are highlighted in blue. Even if you click a blacklisted user card it is impossible to follow.

Who to blacklist?

Use the widgetssearch/filter sidebarcalendar, the criteria drop-down menu on the breadcrumb bar, etc., to find:

  • Users you have unfollowed and don’t want to follow again in the future
  • Users of spam accounts
  • Users who have automatically followed and unfollowed with the sole intention of increasing the size of their community
  • Recent unfollows
  • Low influence users
  • Users who haven’t Tweeted in several weeks or months



Manage (add and remove) users to/from a whitelist or blacklist

The only way to access these functions is using the selected drop-up menu on the community bottom bar.

1. First select the desired users on the community wall, either:

  • Use the checkbox in the top right corner to select individually.
  • Click and drag a box over multiple users.
  • Use the select all button on the selected drop-up menu.

You’ll see the number of users you have selected in the parenthesis on the selected button, e.g. “selected (7)”:

Remember that you can only select users on a page-by-page basis, i.e. if you change page the number of selected returns to its default value (0). However, you can change the number of user cards per page in settings.


2. Click the option you want to carry out from the selected drop-up menu, either:

  • Add to whitelist
  • Add to blacklist – Remember to unfollow these users before adding to the blacklist.
  • Remove from whitelist
  • Remove from blacklist


3. You will be asked for confirmation. If you don’t want the confirmation panel to repeat then check the box marked do not ask again. When you are ready click OK.



View members of a whitelist or blacklist

You may want to revise those users who are whitelisted or blacklisted. To see them select the appropriate button from the criteria drop-down menu on the breadcrumb bar.