Why did my report fail?

If you tried to create an insights report, and it failed, there could be a few reasons:

  1. Your audience is too small. To generate an audience we need at least 100 valid members. For example, if you run a report on the following of an account with 102 followers, and 5 of those followers have deleted accounts, then this audience will be 97 members, and too small to generate a report. You will have to review your current audience criteria, and try again with a new report. 
  2. The resulting audience does not have enough relationships between members. Your audience is not connected enough for us to distinguish segments. You might want to consider changing the criteria when you try again with a new report. 
  3. The audience from Connect is not synced. You have tried to build a report based on an audience from Connect, however the audience needs to be synchronised. In Connect, request to sync , then once it’s finished, re-launch your insights report. 

If you created a report by uploading a file and it failed, please pay attention to the following points too:

- The file might contain empty or duplicated lines.

- The file might contain ids or handles which no longer exist.

- The file encoding might be incorrect (very rare cases)


These are the main reasons your report would have failed, but you can often solve this yourself. There could be other times where the reason for report failure is not easy to identify, so please bear with us in those cases, where you will find a more generic error message like the below.

"Not sure what went wrong. We recommend you to recreate the report and contact us at help@audiense.com if it fails again."

Whenever a report fails, we first recommend that you re-create the report, but if it fails again and you are unsure about what to do about it, please contact help@audiense.com.