Why does the follower count in an Insights report not match the Twitter profile?

Sometimes, in an Insights report, the follower count you see might not match up to their online profile. Here's our workaround.

For example, the report on followers of @minions has 179 826 members. When we check the handle, it shows they have 215.6K followers. 


Watch this video:


Why might this happen?

When an Insights report is generated with our “fast” settings, we pull the data from a data lake. In practice, this data is updated on a weekly basis. If an audience is fast growing, then the data we collected at the start of the week might not match what the follower count is at the end of the week. 

How can we workaround and solve this?

Easy! Instead of relying on the data lake, we’ll go straight through the Twitter API to pull the live data.

To do that, head to the Connect dashboard, build an audience based on followers of the account you are researching. Once generated, head into Insights. Create a new report on profile attributes, and select your audience from the drop-down. Continue to select your segmentation and launch your report!