FAQ: Why is my GWI audience showing 0 sample size?


When porting over audiences and matching attributes with GWI audiences, your audience could show a 0 audience sample size. Don't be alarmed, it isn't the integration gone wrong.

GWI have a default selection of their last 4 waves (Quarters), whereas Audiense can match with questions from any waves, including earlier waves (an attribute has been matched to a specific set of questions that may belong to a wave that is not automatically selected by GWI or no longer being asked in that wave). 


Actions required:

1. You can select that earlier wave (i.e. Q3 2022) in the top bar where you see the waves

2. You can amend the Operators, changing the AND to an OR

3. You can remove the attributes or group altogether, or just add any other relevant attributes to replace the ones that are up to a certain wave. You will see some groups showing (up To Q3 2022) or (up To Q4 2023), next to the attribute.


Remember, you can modify your audience as you wish to once ported over, by adding relevant attributes, amending the wave selection etc... 


Watch this video to follow these steps: