Audience breakdown view of Insights Reports

If in the Summary View you click on "see al segments", you will arrive to the Audience breakdown view:

And you will then get taken to the audience breakdown view:


On the left-hand side, you will find the segments distribution graph. This graphic represents the existing segments in your community: it shows the different user groups within the audience that have certain common interests and characteristics. The size of the segments in the graph is proportional to the number of members within the segments. The lines represent interconnections between the different members of the segments, and the size of each circle represents the number of interconnections a user has within the audience.

Automated Segment Naming

The name of these segments have been generated automatically based on how people describe themselves. Please note that any political, racial or sexual connotations that might appear in the name of the segments are based on public, explicit descriptions by the individuals within the segment.

On the right-hand side, you will find a brief summary of some of the most relevant insights found about that audience.

Click on the Edit icon to rename the segments and/or change the colour:


When you scroll down you will see the details of the audience segments:

This section provides a panel for each of the segments identified within the audience. Each panel highlights what is unique to that segment in comparison to the rest of the segments and the full audience:

    • How they describe themselves – main bio keywords
    • Affinity – brands and people the members within the audience/segment are following
    • Top Hashtags - The hashtags most used by this segment at the time the report was generated
    • Additional audience attributes – such as interests, age, location, etc

Use the Download report button in the top right-hand corner to download the report in a PDF or PPT format.


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