Audiences - Definition


An audience is a collection of twitter accounts that have fulfilled certain criteria, specified in the creation process. Using the Audiense Platform, the creation of audiences is the most fundamental process that will allow the user to unlock other tools, in order to achieve their goals and proceed with their projects. 

An audience shows the number of people that satisfied the criteria and who these people are. Using the main dashboard, the user can dig into these twitter accounts and process a lot of information about them, such as: the twitter accounts each one follows, their followers, whether the user's account has any interaction with any of these accounts in the audience, as well as the ability to analyse the audience through other tools of the platform (e.g. segmentation, monitoring, etc).

There are three types of audiences: 

  • Static audience: Created once and manually modified.
  • Dynamic audience: Created once and automatically modified based on the rules applied during the creation process.
  • Periodic audience: Created once, automatically modified on a weekly basis. 

Audience panels have a connect with Twitter Ads button. If the audience has less than 1000 users the button is disabled, but if the audience is large enough to connect click the button and, once synchronised with Twitter Ads, you’ll see the available in Twitter Ads message. See Connect an audience with Twitter Ads below for more details.