Baseline selector of Insights reports


To ensure that our reports provide you with useful insights, our data is compared against a baseline which you are able to select and change accordingly. 

In the top hand corner of the report, there is a Compare option, which allows you to compare the audience and segments against a baseline of your choice. This comparison allows you to understand what is unique about the segment/audience you are viewing at the time. 

When you are viewing the insights of the full audience, the default baseline will be a 'Global' or 'Country' national average audience, whereas when you are viewing the insights of one of the segments, as your first point of entry to the report, the default baseline will be the report's full audience.

Screenshot 2021-09-20 at 13.54.48 (2)


However, you can change/select the baseline you would like to compare the audience to at any point. This could be a country or geographical region, to which you can also add gender; for example, you could compare your audience to the female UK population.

Every time you create an Insights report, the full audience analyzed, and its segments automatically become baselines you can choose from in the future. You can find these on the left-hand side of the baseline's menu (report titles, with the segments and full audience underneath each).

Baselines are updated every 6 months. Check out this list of Baseline countries and regions available (last updated January 2024).

How to use the Baseline comparison

The baseline comparison tool is a quick and easy way to view the differences between segments and audiences, here's how you can do it:


Compare and understand the differences to the full audience or audience segments against the baseline of choice.

How to:

  • Open the insights dashboard>click on the report you have created
  • On the full audience summary, click on See all segments
  • On the next section, Audience breakdown, select "View more details" on the Full audience or on a segment below
  • On the upper left, next to the Full audience or segment selected, click the drop-down arrow next to "Compared to"
  • Select the baseline you want the audience to be compared with
  • Use cases: Compare your full audience with a country national average (you can also select gender with the country; i.e., US-Females), or an earlier ran report (periodic changes), or compare a segment with the Full audience (identify what is unique about the segment when compared to the rest of the audience) 


Get an in-depth understanding about the community and audience segments, and discover the uniqueness of each of them for better targeting and marketing strategies.

Video: Benchmark your insights against a baseline