Content Tab of Insights Reports


The Content tab shows the most popular and relevant content that the audience is engaging with online. Here you will find sections dedicated to liked, shared and influential content. You can use this information to inform yourself on trending topics, formats, hashtags, and more. 


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The source of this data is Twitter data via the Tweets and Likes decahose. This includes content shared across Twitter from external sources. The Content tab will display the relevant data from a 10% sample of the tweets, and 10% sample of all the likes that are happening. (We generate the content tab based on a sample of the real-time global volume of tweets and likes. To give an idea of this quantity, it equates to roughly 40 million tweets, and 100 million likes that are stored per day.)

Liked Content

This reflects the content that has been most liked by the audience. Liking content is a positive interaction, showing an affinity to the content itself. It is a passive interaction and does not require the user to be active in posting their own content online. Content can be liked by an audience that does not follow the account that posted the original content. 

Shared Content

The shared content is based on content that has been posted by the audience, and therefore shared with their online community. This area analyses the authors of original content within your selected audience segment, and identifies their popular posts using the decahose. 

Influential Content

This tab represents what your audience is seeing on their own feed, as the content is published by the accounts that they follow (have an affinity with). It is in line with the 20K accounts found in the Influencers tab (without added filters). 

This shows what the influencers are talking about and engaging with, and gives us an idea of the content that they themselves are consuming and will be sharing amongst their followers.

The 8 panels available in each of these areas are: 

  • Links: These direct to linked content, this can typically include links to external content including posts on other platforms such as Instagram, but it can also include links to web pages, forums, and news sites. This shows the top 10 links which are collected by aggregating all the posted links and then ordering them by the number of times a link has been liked/shared/influential.

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  • Hashtags: The top 10 hashtags that have been mostly found in content published by this audience. This view is collected by aggregating all the posted hashtags and then ordering them by the number of times a hashtag has appeared in the pool of being liked/shared/influential. You also have the option to view search results for the hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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  • Keywords: The top 12 keywords that have been mostly found in content liked/shared/influencing this audience by aggregating the data, and then ordering it by the number of times it appears.

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  • Emojis: The top 5 emojis that have been mostly found in content liked/shared/influencing this audience by aggregating the data, and then ordering it by the number of times it appears.

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  • Popular posts: The top 10 tweets posted by the audience. The way this is gathered varies depending on which area it is being viewed in. 
    • Liked: From all the tweets that your selected audience has liked, we gather the posts which received the most likes, and order them by their popularity.
    • Shared & Influential: From the overall tweets published by the audience/influencers, the tweets that have received the most likes on Twitter.

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  • Domain: The top 20 most found domains in content liked/shared by the audience/influencers. This can highlight the sites that the audience is spending most of their time on and sharing content from. The data is gathered by aggregating all the domains and ordering them based on the number of times the domain has appeared within the content.

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  • Media format: We scan all content to find those with media, then we provide the percentage breakdown of formats that the audience has liked, shared, or is influential. The formats are:
    • Videos: includes native Twitter videos, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram (IGTV & reels), TikTok, Twitch
    •  Images
    • GIFs

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  • Mentioned Users: The top 5 most mentioned @handles. This is provided by aggregating the number of times the handle appears in the posts that have been liked, shared, or are influential, and then ordering it by the number of times it appears.

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What else should I know?

  • The time period is displayed in the top right corner and will be based on the last 30 days prior to the creation of the report. 
  • You are able to request an update of the 3 selections (liked, shared, influential). This means that the content tab will deliver you data from the last 30 days since when you refreshed the tab. 48 hours is needed since the last generation before you can request it again, during this period the refresh button will be disabled. In our roadmap, we plan to allow you to export the data from these content selections.
  • The data displayed does not change when you change the baseline, because the content is based on the audience members that you are viewing, and their behaviours as they are in themselves. You will still see the content vary between the segments and the full audience. 
  • Using Firefox? If you are using Firefox as your web browser, you might find that Popular posts, Media and Emojis panels aren’t loading. This is due to an option enabled by default in Firefox called ¨Enhanced Tracking Protection¨. In order to solve this issue and have all panels displaying successfully, simply click the shield icon that is rendered at the left of the URL bar and then disable the option "Enhanced Tracking Protection".