How do I analyse my competitor's community?


Analyse a third party account or a competitor's community and compare to your own.

How to:

  1. Access the Audiense Connect dashboard via the 4 squared icon in the top right hand corner of the platform.
  2. Scroll down the homepage to 'Third Pary Twitter accounts' and click on 'Add Third party account'
  3. Type in the Twitter handle of the account you want to analyse such as a competitor
  4. Select the appropriate summary notification you'd like for regular updates
  5. Wait for the new source (this thrid party account) to synchronize
  6. On the upper left of the dashboard, go to 'Analytics' menu
  7. Select the 'Account Comparison' tab
  8. On the upper right click on 'New comparison'
  9. Type in the sources you want to compare
  10. Click 'Compare' and wait for the report to be generated

Screenshot 2022-04-12 at 13.14.42

Screenshot 2022-04-12 at 13.13.56

*You will find this community in the Connect dashboard under the sources tab.


A clearer understanding of your Client, competitor, or a third party account's community.