How to add extra segments to your Interconnectivity Insights report

For every Insights report generated, when you choose Interconnectivity as your chosen segmentation type, Audiense identifies up to 20 segments per audience. However, you may have noticed only 4 to 10 segments being displayed. Why is that?

By default, Audiense displays a maximum of 10 segments, as long as the size of the segment is greater than 2% of the total audience size. There will always be a minimum of 4 segments, but they might be smaller than 2%. The segments included in the audience breakdown are ordered by size. 

Any hidden segments are accessible by request in the “Add more segments” menu (see image below).

The smallest segments might go unnoticed, but sometimes they can have the biggest potential. For this reason, if you feel the segments displayed in your report are not enough, and you would like to dig deeper and uncover some extra niche segments, all you need to do is:

  • In the Audience breakdown view, scroll down to the bottom and click on Add more segments.
  • Select the additional segments you would like to explore. Notice that segment sizes are detailed with number of members or percentage of the total audience size.
  • Click on Generate and wait a few minutes to receive a notification email when your segments are ready to view!

Please note: you cannot add more segments to a report that was created with Affinity segmentation (followers of similar accounts). With this type of segmentation, you will get between 3-8 segments only.