Uploading audiences between Connect and Insights

Both Audiense Insights and Audiense Connect are accessible via your account, and connected within the dashboard using the four-square-icon on the top right-hand side of your account at any time.


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Uploading and segmenting an audience that comes from Audiense Connect:

You can upload any audience from Connect into Insights, as long as it has more than 100 members and does not exceed 1 million members within the audience.

Here is how to do this! 



Where to adjust your audience size in Connect when defining your audience in the Audience Manager?

Depending on the audience you are creating, it may already have a capped size due to its nature, however many audiences based on criteria such as 'Followers of' can be huge, in their millions or billions. So ideally, you want to be able to adjust the size to (1) not use up all of your Connect Social Contacts allowance, and (2) be able to upload it to Insights (capped at 1 million, when uploaded from Connect).

Within your Audience Manager, Static Audience (audience definition window), you will find your max audience size. Here all you need to do is change the number on the left to a lower amount, or simply tick random sample (the number will depend on your allowance, but also bear in mind what you wish to do with this audience and why you need such a big size in the first place).


Remember, when defining an audience in Insights we limit to a sample size of 250K (this is more than enough to understand your audience, and an audience type, so to then expand with other use cases - i.e. finding lookalikes; advertising/campaigns).



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Sending audiences from Insights to Connect:

Once you have an audience defined in Insights, or one that you have sent via our Social Listening integrations (or manual author uploads) you can do a lot more with your audience.

Let's say you have an audience in Insights, you have analysed the segments, their affinities, and you now want to either expand this audience with additional criteria and build a new one, or extract specific insights from this existing full audience, or individual segments. Well, you can do this in Audiense Connect!

Please note: you can send the full audience or individual segment members to Connect. You will see once sent, in Connect, that the data is generating. This may take 5-10mins and will be ready as an Audience in your Twitter Audiences section. Use the search field by typing the audience name (report name, or segment name) to find it.


Now what?

Once your audience is in Connect, you can do many things to tailor your audience depending on your use case.

The video below just shows you a few things you can do with the filters and audience manager.

Go into your audience community, and use the filters to find specific members (gender, entity type, country etc), or use boolean in the search box to find those using bio-keywords such as Soccer, or Fashion (could be any keyword to find members using these terms to describe themselves). Then create a new audience with these results.

However, you can also select this audience in the audience manager, under static audience>relationships>members of this audience/source, and add as an AND the criteria you wish to overlay / use (i.e. age range, entity type, location or even followers of another brand) - this allows you to overlay other criteria to create a new audience based on these filters. In this example, we added the criteria demographics (age range) and follows any of these accounts (@Nike).



If you need any further support, please email help@audiense.com