Interest tab of Insights Reports


Interpretation of the Interest tab

Interest is a proprietary metric that helps our customers to understand the relevant interest categories for a specific audience. The graph can be interpreted quantitatively to see the weight of the different interests categories within the segment or full audience. Use comparisons to the baseline to find the most relevant insights for the segment or audience you are analysing.

Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 19.39.46

Example of use

Interest categories can influence a range of decisions, from tactical aspects such as the creative development of the campaigns to more strategic ones such as campaign segmentation and targeting or creating relevant partnerships. The Interests categories displayed in the report follow the IAB standard, so they can be widely used to target people with the same interests in any media platform (ie: Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc.)

How is it calculated

Our algorithms are constantly evolving. Through machine learning, Audiense infers the interests of the audience according to what the users are posting about, and the information is clustered according to The Interactive Advertising Bureau content taxonomy standards & guidelines. One of the most important inputs to calculate the interests is what people post about because it allows us to get the topics they are vocal about.

See the most up-to-date list of parent/child interest categories here.