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Tool hack - what to do if your Insights report fails

This guide follows steps on how to use Audiense Connect to build an audience and access that audience via Insights to create an Insights report.

There are a few reasons why an Insights report can fail, which we explain in this article Why did my report fail?

If your report says it has failed or has fewer followers than you expected, this may be due to it not being fully up-to-date, or for other reasons explained in the article link above. Let us know by contacting our support team via help@audiense.com, however, in the meantime, you can try this workaround by creating an audience in Connect instead, then upload this audience to Insights.

Watch this video and/or follow the steps below:



Go to Audiense Connect from the Insights dashboard


  1. Click on the 4 squared icon on the top right of your screen


Hack connect step 1


2. Select Launch Connect to open the dashboard


Hack connect step 2

Create the same audience you created for Insights using the Audience Manager in Connect


3. Click on Audiences on the top menu

4. Select Audience Manager


Hack connect step 3


5. Choose Static Audience and click Next


Hack connect step 4


6. Name your audience (won't let you save it without a name)

7. Define your audience criteria (i.e., Followers of: Relationships>Followers of these accounts)


Hack connect step 5


8. Click Finish


Hack connect step 6

Wait for the audience to finish synchronizing


9. Click Email me when it's done 


Hack connect step 7

Return to Audiense Insights and launch the report based on the Connect audience


10. Once the audience has synched, return to Audiense Insights

11. Click on Create new report button


Hack connect step 8


12. Select Profile Attributes and click Next


Hack connect step 9


13. Scroll down to select your audience from Connect


Hack connect step 10


14. Click Launch Now


Hack connect step 11

If after following these steps, you are still unsure or having trouble, please contact us via help@audiense.com