FAQ: How does Audiense categorize influencers by Affinity, and how do they fall within the categories?


Top followed users by each segment/audience. Since they are the top followed accounts, they are that audience/segment's Influencers.



Accounts are ordered based on the percentage of the audience which follows these accounts. Please note, typically, protected and suspended accounts on X (formerly Twitter), which can also include temporarily suspended ones, constitute between 5% and 15%, so you may see this reflected within the % results.



Ordered by accounts that are unique when compared to the baseline applied (relevance/popularity) in terms of followed/engaged with.


Why only 20K influencers?

We generally offer top 20k because of value: Once we go further than the top 20k, the followed % dilutes.


How do these Influencers get categorized (i.e. News, Rock....)?

These accounts are manually curated for the most common Twitter/X accounts, and will be reviewed periodically.


Read more about Influencers and Brands tab.

Find out what order by affinity or uniqueness means here