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Insights reports dashboard

The Insights Reports Home view shows a list of the reports generated in a view that provides the following information and options:


  • Search Report - Search from your account's entire report list to find a report. Type at least 3 characters into the search functionality and it will populate a refined list of reports
  • Create Report - Define the criteria to generate a new report
  • Report – Name of the report
  • Created – Date when the report was created
  • Access – Indicates whether the report is public or private - you can click the lock icon to publicly share your report via a public link (copy link or email)
  • Status – Status of the report: Generating (grey), Finished (green) or Failed (red)

  • Actions
    • Share report - if you want to get a shareable link to your interactive report
    • Download - if you want to download the full report or a summary as PDF or PPT, or send it to someone via email
    • Rename - if you want to rename a report
    • See Audience Definition - to see what criteria you used when the report was created
    • Delete – you can remove the report by clicking here