Insights reports dashboard


The Insights Reports Home view shows a list of the reports generated in a view that provides the following information and options:


  • Search Report - Search from your account's entire report list to find a report. Type at least 3 characters into the search functionality and it will populate a refined list of reports
  • Create Report - Define the criteria to generate a new report
  • Report – Name of the report
  • Created – Date when the report was created
  • Access – Indicates whether the report is public or private - you can click the lock icon to publicly share your report via a public link (copy link or email)
  • Status – Status of the report: Generating (grey), Finished (green) or Failed (red)

  • Actions
    • Share report - if you want to get a shareable link to your interactive report
    • Download - if you want to download the full report or a summary as PDF or PPT, or send it to someone via email
    • Rename - if you want to rename a report
    • See Audience Definition - to see what criteria you used when the report was created
    • Delete – you can remove the report by clicking here

        Note: Your dashboard can store up to 300 reports. If you are a user with many reports, such as a user on an unlimited plan, please be aware that if you reach this limit, then you will have to delete reports to make space, and then you will be able to continue to create more reports. If you are a user with a Free plan or a Twitter Marketing plan, your dashboard can store up to 3 reports. Likewise, to make room for your monthly refresh of 3 reports, you will have to delete reports from previous reports.