How to download a Targeting Pack


How to download a Targeting Pack

Go to your report and select the audience or segment you would like to download the targeting pack for. Ensure you’ve also selected the right baseline (i.e., global or country based for the full audience, or full audience as the baseline for a segment), as this will have an impact on the data in your pack. 

Click on any of the Actions menu and select the “Download targeting pack” option:


Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 13.00.38


View the summary of your download and confirm you’d like to go ahead with the download of the targeting pack, or go back and edit your selection:

 Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 11.24.12

Wait a couple of minutes, and you will receive the targeting pack in your inbox!


Please note that you can also access this download via the notifications bell, on the top right icon in your dashboard.


Alternatively, to download your targeting pack you can also head to the Media Affinity Tab, and select the Social media & display ads link on the left menu, then click ‘Download Targeting Pack’. 


Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 13.00.54


Within a few minutes, you will receive the Excel in your inbox, or access via the notifications icon as mentioned above.


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