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Step 5: Who Is Talking About You?

Understanding Performance (Monitoring) 

Audiense Connect Monitoring tool has been deprecated. However, it has been replaced by something even better! Our Tweet Binder X analytics reports.

With Tweet Binder Monitoring, you can:

  • Unlock comprehensive global coverage of Tweets, sift through millions of real time and historical Tweets and discover the most relevant data quickly and easily.
  • Mine for data based on complex queries, using combinations of #hashtags, @mentions, and keywords.
  • Uncover actionable intelligence and insights and shape dynamic marketing strategies on Twitter and across other channels.
  • Zoom in on important demographics that affect your marketing strategy, such as gender, locations, and languages, in addition to analyzing the sentiment of Tweets.
  • Segment and target audiences with great precision and deliver tailored actions and creative solutions.

For more information about Monitoring, click here.