What are Social contacts?

Note: Users with a Free plan do not have full access to this function. Users with a Twitter Marketing plan or an Audience Insights plan will have full access.

Social Contacts are your followers + people who you follow (following). It also includes the contacts from any Source you add to Audiense. Ie: if you have 2000 followers and are following 150 users, and you are analysing a competitor with 10,000 followers, who in turn are following 5,000 users, you will have 17,150 Social Contacts.

On the following image, you will see social contacts being counted, as an account is synchronized, an audience is built or other sources are added within Connect, taking into account the above.

Screenshot 2022-01-26 at 11.50.20

For more information about Social Contacts, you can read our Social Contacts Basic Navigation article.