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Step 4: Deeper Dive

It’s time now to learn how to get even more out of your Audiense Insights report. We will go further and understand the intricacies of each segment: demographic insights, interests and affinities, content they engage with, and much more.

On the bottom of each segment panel and the full audience view you will find a clickable option ‘View more details’. That’s your way to discover detailed insights about the full audience or the segment selected.


You can see the insights applied and displayed across up to 3-6 different tabs.

**Click on each tab to access the information associated with that category: Click on Read more to understand how to interpret each graph, how the insights are derived and an example of insight application.

Demographics Tab 

This report shows you a number of different demographic insights compared to the baseline. The graphs you we will see around demographics are the following:

  • Gender
  • Country
  • City
  • Language
  • How they describe themselves - most popular words in their bios
  • Age - age ranges
  • Location (Map)
  • Name
  • Interests Tab

Interests Tab 

In the interests tab we will find out more about the audience and segments’ affinities and interests


Affinity table

This graph shows the brands and individuals the audience members have a greater affinity to. The larger the affinity the greater these brands and influencers' reach is within your audience (meaning more of your audience loves them!). You can use this information to find influencers, potential partnerships and to understand the main affinities and interests your audience has. This information will be particularly useful in identifying the unique characteristics for naming your segments.

Note: You are able to order the profiles by uniqueness or by affinity (default setting). If you select order by uniqueness the accounts are ordered based on our uniqueness algorithm in comparison to the baseline. If you select order by affinity the accounts are ordered based on the percentage of the audience which follow these accounts.

You are also able to filter by type of account and category:

  • Type of account – this can be brands or individuals
  • Category – select from a range of categories, such a Food&drink, Finance, Politics or Magazines

For example: You may want to just see individuals in the fashion industry in order to find fashion influencers within your audience.

At any point you are able to export this list of accounts by clicking on the bottom right hand corner of the list to download it into Excel.

Interests table

Below this affinity table is the Interests panel which shows the main interests within the audience. This percentage is derived from a Twitter algorithm based on who a user follows, the content they tweet and engage with and bio information. You can use the Affinity Report to understand which type of media your audience consumes, the celebrities that influence them, and the brands they follow.

In the Interests panel, click on any category you find relevant to uncover the subcategories of that relevant interest.

Content tab

This section shows the most relevant content (based on shares), the most unique and used keywords and the most relevant form of content your audience has an interest in.  

When you first get to this tab you will see a timeline of Hot content which is the most shared links. You will be able to see the most popular keywords, and most relevant formats  (Links, Photos, Gifs, Video). You are then able to Hot posts – the social posts the audience has shared the most.