Onboarding Guides for Free Users

You're able to view and navigate our onboarding guides within the platform, but we have them here too!

In the Audiense platform, to get started and familiarise yourself with the tool, what you can do and where to begin, you will want to check out our Onboarding guides.

You can find them in the lightbulb icon in the bottom left corner of your window.

If it is not appearing for you, it might be that you have an ad-blocker turned on, so simply allow Audiense as safe, refresh your page, and it should be there! 


Click into it > Onboarding > and you will have this: 


The Onboarding guides available are: 


How to create an Insights report

Watch the video01_Pendo_Insights-Report

Learn more here02_Pendo_Insights-Report

Learn how to share reports03_Pendo_Insights-Report (1)


What is Segmentation


Learn about Segmentation04_Pendo_Segmentation

Learn about Segment Cards05_Pendo_Segmentation

Learn about our methods06_Pendo_Segmentation


Influencers and Brands Tab


Learn Influencers & Brands tab07_Pendo_Influencers

Learn Affinity & Uniqueness08_Pendo_Influencers


What's my audience engaging with?

Learn about the Content Tab09_Pendo_Content


Learn Content Tab in practice11_Pendo_Content


What is the Benchmark feature?

Learn Benchmarking12_Pendo_Benchmark


Learn using Netflix' audience14_Pendo_Benchmark


Audience Connect


Learn about Audiense Connect15_Pendo_Connect

Community Wall

How to use a BTTT report17_Pendo_Connect

Learn Full functionalities17.1_Pendo_Connect


Differences between free Audiense and paid Audiense Insights